Investigator Playlists

As a fun side project, Ian has compiled modern Spotify playlists inspired by each of the investigators in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Each playlist consists of ten songs. These aren’t necessarily meant to serve as background music while playing but more like a musical interpretation of what each character is about and what drives and haunts them. Enjoy!

Skids O’Toole

A mix of Irish heritage, regret for past choices, and the search for redemption. Moody rock and heartbreak abound.

Zoey Samaras

A mix of roaring guitar soundtrack, a sense of mission, and an unsettled mindscape. Metal and alternative abound.

“Ashcan” Pete

A mix of wanderlust tunes and musings on freedom and meaning. Southern rock and folk abound.

Marie Lambeau

A mix of vocal magic and the heartbreak of an approaching doom. Female soul and jazz vocalists abound.

Jenny Barnes

A mix of norm-smashing attitude and the perils of wealth. Tarantino-esque tracks and punk/rockabilly abound.

Wendy Adams

A mix of musings about loneliness and a young mind facing a harsh universe. Alternative tunes from the 80’s/90’s (and a musical treat) abound.

Roland Banks

A mix of the heaviness of the badge and the secrets that must be carried. Rock classics from the 60’s and 80’s abound.

Jim Culver

A mix of haunting horns and calls to the dead. Jazz classics and ska numbers abound.